All Access Package

The all access package gives you the NIV Live App on up to 6 Devices of any combination Apple, Android or Amazon as well as the digital file download and web Bible app.

App With Verse Sync Technology

Watch as the text moves in sync at verse level with the dramatized audio. As you hear the audio you will see the verses highlighted in verse level synchronization. Bookmark your favorite verse or establish a playlist order of your own to read/hear the word of God.

  • Verses highlight in sync with NIV Audio
  • Easily follow the audio as you read
  • Great for studying scripture
  • Works also when playing Chronologically

  • Keyword Search

    Searching the Bible has never been easier and more efffective. Simply search the Bible for a phrase or keyword and the search results instantly are displayed. This allows you to quickly access certain parts or themes that you may be in search for in the Bible.

    Chronological Bible

    Easily read and listen to the Bible in Chronological order or simply create your own playlist within the Bible. Also already included is a Bible in 365 days reading/listening Plan, McCheyne's 365 Day Plan and the New Testament in 40 Days. Challenge yourself to one of these plans today to explore and expand your Bible knowledge.

    Jump to Anywhere

    Our Bible grid allows you to easily and quickly access anywhere in the Bible at the simple press of a tap. Now you can quickly beat anyone to a verse lookup challenge. The Bible grid has been designed to simplify and expedite your verse search.

    Online Web Access

    Access the full NIV Live Audio Bible with verse by verse syncronization through the NIV Live website. Have instant access to God's word through your home or work computer.

    Digital Download

    Download a digital copy of NIV Live to your Phone, iPod or computer to hear NIV Live on the go.

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